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Why Choose an Xbox Over Other Devices

Why Choose an Xbox Over Other Devices

The trend is always to go online and virtual and Xbox is not breaking this tradition. Instead, the company is improving their product to meet the current trends. Xbox has undergone many major innovations from the original package that was introduced to the human race several years ago. Every year, a new generation is coming and there is no stopping the Xbox from evolving to become one of the best entertainment mediums that we have. With an Xbox live, you can enjoy access to online games, your social accounts and watch movies at the same time. There’s just too many to do and the there’s too many to offer that you can’t just get enough. It is for this reason why there are people who would do everything they can in their power to get Free Xbox Live because it means more time in the virtual world.

If you are still a newcomer, here’s a basic guide on how to open the Xbox 360 console.

How to Open the Xbox 360 Console:

  • Look for the grey hard drive holder and for the grey on the bottom, remove the top and bottom off the case.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the back as you can find 5 holes in there. If you hear the “click” sound that means your job is done.
  • Now you have to do the work for the front of the console – remove the three hooks that you will see from there.
  • Use t10 and t8 screwdrivers to remove all the remainder of the screws.

After following these basic steps, you are now ready to enter the virtual gaming world! Have fun while playing and stay connected with your online gaming friends. One of the benefits of being backed up by Microsoft is that you have the world in you – because you can basically do anything and everything.

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