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How to Speed Up Slow MacBook Pro

How to Speed Up Slow MacBook Pro

The technology has provided people with lots of benefits and advantages all through the years. It can be really hard to image life without computers and such. The use of laptops and desktops is widely increasing as days go by. This only proves that technology is indeed helpful in making works faster and easier to do. When it comes to computers, it can be really annoying and frustrating to deal with a slow MacBook Pro. Most especially if it is meant to work faster than it should be. The most common reason why computers tend to be slower overtime is because of the files saved into it. Along with this, the programs installed also contribute on making the storage full.

Easy Steps to Fix It

There are simple steps which any user can do to speed up his mac. One of those is to clear the desktop. Surely, there are users who don’t have the time to organize his files so it all ends up on the desktop. Spending a little time and effort to sort the files out can surely help speed up the computer.

The user might even find some unnecessary files that can be deleted to save space. The booting process is affected by the programs that run every startup. If the user is not using the program immediately, he can unclick it from the list of programs that runs during startup. It can help on speeding up the booting process as well as the overall performance of the system.

If it is unnecessary, the user can also disable his dashboard. Dashboard usually has a lot of hidden stuff which runs on the background. It also affects the startup and running process of the computer. If the user is not in need of the dashboard the he should just turn it off.

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