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Soon: Cable TV on Phones and Gadgets

Soon: Cable TV on Phones and Gadgets

Cable TV on Phones and GadgetsAt the rate at which technology is going, it really was just a matter of time until TVs and mobile gadgets were blended into one. And it should come as no surprise that talks about the possible mergers of these two technologies are already in the works. With this combination, it will be possible to watch cable TV in your portable gadget.

But as of now, there is no definite concept about it. Fans all over the world are clamoring to find out which of the world leading companies will be able to come up with a wholesome product that can serve the dual purpose of a TV and a mobile phone at the same time.

The “over the top” concept, which basically means that users will be able to stream TV channels via the internet to any mobile gadget screen, is something that might actually revolutionize the mobile phone and cable TV technology by bringing it together.

Simpler and More Efficient Solution

The concept of “over the top” technology is not merely aimed for the convenience of the users, but also for the providers. Right now, the options for Cable TV and internet subscriptions in America are different. Users have to go for both if they want to avail of the service and admittedly, this kind of system can be costly.

But if the concept of combined TV and internet is pushed through, it would be way more convenient for people to sign up and subscribe to both services.  There will come a time when a cable TV service is sold Netflix style, online signup sheet and downloadable app included. Now this kind of system actually provides a more convenient approach to the local subscriptions since it would enable the user to watch TV anytime, anywhere as long as they have their mobile gadget.


The Compromise

Of course, the convenience of this “over the top” service will not be for free. Mergers between cable and phone companies will probably cost the subscriber more. Prices for subscriptions might go up as a natural reaction to the whole thing, especially for broadband connections. On the other hand, service providers might also present their own discounted rates through the use of packages. Its one scenario that cannot really be predicted because most companies who will be affected will do what is best for them.


The Start

Several companies like Verizon and Sony are already on the move to start the campaign of the “over the top” technology. Cable Service providers are also making their way to the completion of the said technology by acquiring some assets and patents from other phone companies. Currently, there are talks that the charge of such a service will be a per-person charge rather than a per-household charge that is the common thing right now. Selling TV subscriptions using streaming technology on the internet is obviously the next step towards a more convenient approach to TV and internet subscriptions and sooner or later, this will probably come to fruition with the help of the leading companies in the industry.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to the developing technologies and this is proven by the “over the top” concept. More and more people are clamoring for a glimpse at what will come next because right now, it already seems like everything is at its peak. But obviously, people can push more since newer and better ones are developed to overcome its predecessors. It’s only a matter of time before everything actually takes a leap forward once again into another form of technology that came from the last one developed. It’s a chain reaction that will continue to push the industry forward, slowly, but surely.


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