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Retaining the Health of Active and Passive Smokers with E Cig Juice

Retaining the Health of Active and Passive Smokers with E Cig Juice

There is a large percentage of the population who are smoking. Some start as early as during their teenage years and some later on in their lives. No matter how young or how old you start smoking, result is still the same – cigarette smoking is indeed bad for the health. You do not only cause damage to yourself, but you also cause damage to the people around you and the environment.

Second hand smoking can be worse than being an active smoker. There are two reasons behind its danger:

  • Sidestream – this is a type of smoke that comes from the actual cigarette.
  • Mainstream – this is the smoke that has been exhaled by the active smoker.

These two can be doubly dangerous to the second hand smoker. The result can be as severe as or even worse than what the actual smoker can suffer from. A second hand smoker can acquire respiratory diseases and other complications attached to it.

The Healthy Alternative to Smoking

Because of the alarming cases of health complications caused by smoking, manufacturers came up with an alternative to smoking. It is the safest form of smoking. It is the use of the electronic cigarette or also known as e-cigs. The e-cig contains different components and one important component is the e cig juice . It is what gives the ecig the flavor and the feel of actual smoking.

The actual ecig resembles the conventional cigarette. The smoker can sip and puff just like in a regular cigarette stick. What makes it a safe alternative is that it does not contain nicotine and other harmful carginogenic substances. It is good for those who are having difficulties in quitting smoking. For smokers, they can use it as an alternative or they can use it as they wean themselves through totally quitting.

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