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News Anchors in CNN Fight To Replace Piers Morgan

cnnThe 9PM news time slot is being fought over and CNN is setting up a battle to see who will replace the news anchor Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan is a British news anchor and his show (Piers Morgan Live), talks about American issues in culture, weaponry etc. The program is being ended after three years on air. Piers Morgan took over Larry King’s 9PM timeslot in 2011 but his ratings were consistently low. His contract also ends in September. He is said to be staying with the network to interview big name interviews.The shows end was announced ahead in late February and it will have its final airing at the end of March.Morgan’s replacement is yet to be determined. CNN is testing several hosts.


Who are the possible candidates?

Jake Tapper who is a highly acclaimed anchor at the 4PM time slot is a big candidate but so is the recently-arrived Bill Weir, in the slot who has been doing well in CNN network since November 2013 when he joined ABC News as a news anchor and “chief innovation correspondent”, CNN released a press release at that time stating that Bill Weir’s work was to collaborate with the producers in developing new programing schedule. Weir has been rumored to be the man who would eventually take the job.

The decision of CNN to do a public audition is a new strategy that they have decided to try. The Chief of CNN Jeff Zucker has come up with different schemes such as reality shows and free week tryouts to veterans.

CNN’s reality show is entitled “Chicagoland’ Premiere: Reality Show Glitz vs. Real-Life Grit”, it is a documentary show with eight episodes and it talks about the problems and things one might encounter living inChicago. The first episode focused on Chicago’s historic teachers’ strike and it was followed by the heated battle over closing more than 50 public schools.

One of the veterans who has week tryouts is Don Lemon and his show “The Don Lemon Show” who has trial shows on Mondays at 10pm which started on March 10 and will take as long as 30 minutes.It will take over the former time slot of “AC360 Later” and air tentatively for about five weeks. Don Lemonalso joins other 10pm shows including Thursday’s docuseries, “Chicagoland.”

One could definitely expect new changes in CNN and new programs to look forward to.


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