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Finding the best girly drinks for your Cocktail Party

Finding the best girly drinks for your Cocktail Party

For almost every type of gathering, a great drink would almost always complete a great evening. One of the most popular ingredients in making awesome cocktail drinks is Bacardi. In fact there are over 50 different mixes that includes Bacardi as its main ingredients. Out of all these, there are a few that is well known for their unique flavors, appearance and kicks.

Liquid Cocaine

This is by far the most popular cocktail drink that features Bacardi 151 as the main ingredient. It is mixed together with Goldschlager, Rumple Minze and Jagermeister. It is best served with some cubes in a shaker to create a bubbly finish.

Liquid Cocaine is a type of a shooter cocktail drink that is thought to be derived from Golden Elk. Shooter drinks are typically shook, stirred, layered, blended or poured and are usually served in a shot glass or a sherry glass.


A drink named due to the alleged effect when you have a few glasses, typically three, you could turn into a zombie. This drink is typically chosen by young adults where it is preferably served in a hurricane glass.

One serving would include pineapple, lime and orange juice, light and dark rum, sugar and apricot brandy. Once all of these are blended together, Bacardi 151 is poured on top.

Yellow Bird

One of the girly drinks that come in a vibrant yellow coloring when served. It has a mild kick and is refreshingly pleasing.

Put all ingredients in the blender. This includes Bacardi 151, Galliano, Pineapple and orange juices and Banana Liqueur. When done mixing, enjoy it in a hurricane glass or you can also use a tulip glass.

Green Star

As what it is called, comes in delectable greenish color. Mix all ingredients in a mixer which comprises Bacardi 151, 7-Up, Orange juice and Midori.

Besides Bacardi, there are several other spirits that can be used to create the most amazing cocktail drinks for different occasions.

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